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2017 EPs: Chirp - Off the Coast

by Blameless Lake

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Be the Noun 03:05
Early on the frame has two choices to give be your dream or be a condescending adjective later on do the verb keep your head down do it till your luck turns around believe what they say and embrace the noun content is insufficient for adherence there's the showing up and making the appearance stay with your head down get your persona established in your town do it all if you want the claim to be the noun observe intrinsic feedback don't hear anything that's said note the body language attention of the forward facing bobbing head one thing connects and watch the hype increase stall on the work because it's not the next masterpiece entitlement grows from the delusions of the newfound renown sell out the verb because you bought into the noun start lines with verbs and the subject avoids the noun think twice about taking the title of being the noun.
Trust 04:36
Had the solution but came on strong solved the problem but the answer's wrong when your revolution loses future tense decisions infected with consequence and the trust is gone undivided convicted intelligent but misguided and negligent the causes were just but overweighted the pets weren't the kind to be domesticated when the trust is gone if a tangled middle ground then no evil on the simple wing no champion belted or crowned just a bell waiting to ring in the next round I can't ask for the buoy to be thrown after the true colors I've shown the days ahead it destroys and wastes because your mind gets poisoned when the trust is gone information options weighed but still at a distance from decisions made packing an umbrella though it's sunny nothing can ever be funny when the trust is gone
Shoulders 03:27
I got somewhere to be got purpose but not always my own others counting on me relying on the cornerstone I got somewhere to be yesterday and today again and again curb anxiety know why it's done how and when candidly it sounds like a sucker's taken route prince charming stays costumed as a toad gambling I'll take a chance on my unregretting self I can't see why not take the lighter load on my shoulders I got somewhere to be live up to the name I anoint I can only be a spectator up to a certain point carrying burdens seems dangerous when the predators are tough enough to outrun maybe the man at the bottom crumbles when the next finds footing on the top one's shoulders all the time has been taken to compile all the needed vetting only one take on the analog no rewind or punch ins for editing confusing dressed the same it's tough to tell when I'm listening to the devil on my shoulders
I Get Vague 03:09
I get vague and use ominous words when deflecting the questions of the skeptical I get vague and step down in a huff declaring the opposition so typical I'll go into the beast belly with a sword set to extract and be the hero so long as the monster stays abstract I get vague and mime my hand encasing an object that's long and cylindrical
Carried Away 03:45
The camera can't sharpen the focus just right without blocking the bulk of the chaotic light it can't zero in to the picture on display without ignoring everything else carried away the zoomed out lens allows views to more roads to judge the dead and their moral codes via balloon high from the day to day the wrong is evident when time is carried away success inevitable resistance but a doomed predator's prey regardless of idea that's appealing a source will confirm basis for that feeling no shortage of vessels to voice your dismay a fuck you disguised as direction carried away anything else causes confusion and delay stick with your fuck you as direction carried away
Just Know 03:31
Many good deeds and done favors several overcompensations to deal with the expiring of the statute of limitations offering to pay the principal debt back long past the note's maturity though just know I know my credit won't be the same defaulting while the stakes were low just know hoping I'm just overthinking negative bias overblown perhaps trespasses blanketed from your vanity rivaled by my own mercy won't be obligation though leverage as a gift to possibly bestow just know that I've learned
Reply All 04:00
It's possible to acknowledge an aversion and imagine the moment's immersion but no way to prepare for life after the news wandering mind slammed into a refresher like a relenting of applied pressure compromising the dressing of the wound at once life seems quick but daunting living year after year in the presence of absence hypnotized by moments of control still sentenced though briefly out on parole freedom of the tedious assignment after tedious assignment search and find me a shitty metaphor just to remind me to think about you more because bad dreams can't compete with reality from high peaks fear nothing of the gravity a stomach already in free fall can hardly feel the drop not in the form of a line not in the path everyone thinks it caroms off stage walls makes pinball bangs and clinks
After your prime combat age your magic flute's residence on the stage long since you had to prepare because they know e=mc2 when you're brilliant and young not one praise gone unsung and the pretense it reflects off the coast of what comes next I'm an optimist such an optimist my predictions somehow go wrong somehow the curse of your expertise will attest to little more than a passing grade for a license at best I know you're just a limitation best I can do with my imagination a scoreboard counting the goals declaring I avoided Santa's coals that I'm guilty time served graded on a curve the eternity it reflects off the coast of my control complex I'm an optimist such an optimist my predictions somehow go wrong the pressure of forever legitimizes a worth to being as dead as I was long before birth prior work and valor validate and represent later sins called from the general's tent say I'm gulity time served graded on a curve thanks to the outcome to which I clung when I was brilliant and young I'm an optimist such an optimist my predictions somehow go wrong


released August 25, 2017


all rights reserved



Blameless Lake Chicago, Illinois

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